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Trace of effort


In University, I’m trying new things.

Shooting Game (HTML + JavaScript)

Download this project as a .zip file

It is a shooting game created in the class. You will be able to play here.

lets play

Cancellation Information Acquisition Program (Python)Download this project as a .zip file

In my university, when a lecture is canceled, a notice will be posted on the campus site. Get that information and notify LINE. And, information that has already been acquired is not notified.

Build a website (AWS, Apache, Basic authentication, cgi, bash, PHP, MySQL)

The question of the Amazon Web Service adoption test was very interesting, so I’ll describe it. I set up a web server and created Basic authentication, four arithmetic operations, and a product inventory management system using SQL. I was able to solve everything and implemented it. The steps are summarized Qiita article.

Malware Classification(Python)

Comming Soon…